A collaborative short film made with Alexandra Wolkowicz in response to the sound work by Sohrab Uduman.

This is a process story too.
The original sounds were recorded in New York City some years ago when we were trying to get the 'birds' ear view of the city. There's a layer of (craftily processed) sound recording of the steam heating system in the loft I was staying in. It hissed and clanked all night long. There's also a subtle layer of bird song recorded by Alex in Central Park. Sohrab took these recordings away and returned with a new kind of sound-scape. We already had film footage of an installation of paper birds in a paint-peeling empty shop in Bold Street Liverpool. This was layered up with new footage of steam that provides the cloud and fog through which the birds appear.

This film is something of an experiment or sketchbook piece and hasn't been screened anywhere.